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Holding out for Help

Help us make mental health this government's top priority by joining our campaign to fix the waitlists in our mental health system.

The campaign to #FixTheWaitlist

We are campaigning for the federal government to invest in addressing the problem of #TheMissingMiddle, and #FixTheWaitlist in our mental health system. Among the many key recommendations coming out of the Productivity Commission and Royal Commission to address these, we suggest the following top three commitments:


  1. Double the mental health workforce and track outcomes through patient feedback – growing the system from around 50,000 to 100,000 mental health workers, from psychiatrists right through to peer workers.

  2. Fill the gap between asking for help and getting it, by scaling up smart digital care platforms for young people and adults, to back up primary care and GPs. Aim to establish 50 new platforms of each type within 4 years.

  3. #FixTheWaitlist by establishing a National Patient Waitlist system that triages and tracks people from the moment they put their hand up for support to the moment they get it. This system will also provide access to early intervention and support for immediate care.

Join us to make mental health a top priority for this federal Government.

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