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More Than Meds

Each year, 4.5 million Aussies take medication to help with their mental health. But less than half will get to see a psychologist.

Australians need #MoreThanMeds

While medication can be a lifeline, taking care of your mental health is about more than just taking your meds. But for many Australians, medication is the only available option.

This is like trying to recover from a car accident with pain killers but no rehab.


For the past 20 years, Australians have been told to ask for help. And now we are, in record numbers. But in many cases, the help is just not there.

Trying to find a psychologist feels like an endless series of dead ends. Many Australians wonder how they will afford the mental health support they need alongside food and rent.


Those of us with complex needs face wait times of six months or more for specialists like psychiatrists, or simply can't get an appointment at all.

Nearly every Australian who's tried to get support for their mental health knows that Australia’s mental healthcare system is broken. It needs drastic and large-scale, systemic reform.


Canberra needs to acknowledge the scale of the problem, and make a commitment to fixing it.


We want a system that is actually designed to work, not a patchwork of election promises that don’t fit together.

Australians for Mental Health is a movement of people with lived experience of mental illness, pushing for much-needed reforms. Join our movement calling for More than Meds. 

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