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We're committed to all Australians.

Australians for Mental Health can do the work we do thanks to our courageous corporate, government and philanthropic partners

Thank you

Solving complex mental health challenges requires cross-sector commitment, expertise and innovation. Together with our partners we committed to mental health reform, for all Australians. 


On behalf of the whole Australian community, we thank our corporate and philanthropic partners for their belief in and commitment to, a better system for us all.


“We’re thankful for the opportunity to partner with Australians for Mental Health and to advocate for further reform to the Australian mental health system"


- CEO and Managing Director of AIA Australia and New Zealand, Damien Mu

Pacific National is one of Australia's largest rail freight businesses. Managing Director and CEO, Paul Scurrah, is passionate about the impact one of Australia's leading companies can have on the community and is excited to partner with Australians for Mental Health to see that impact happen in the lives of people with mental illness.

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The William Buckland Foundation aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged Victorians through grants that support better housing, health, education and employment outcomes. The investment of William Buckland Foundation was seminal in the ability for AfMH to have such a major impact on the Victorian Royal Commission into mental health.

“Gandel Foundation aims to build stronger, more resilient, more vibrant and inclusive communities by supporting programs and activities that address the underlying causes of inequity and empower people to improve their well-being. Mental illness and mental wellbeing, especially within the most vulnerable groups such as women and young people, are significant and growing challenges for the whole community. Such a large-scale social issue needs a whole-of-society approach, and it needs a greater vision and commitment from our political leadership to address it appropriately and effectively. Many positive things have already been done – but that is only a start! We believe that supporting Australians for Mental Health will help give a voice to those with mental illness - and enable advocacy with decision-makers to help bring about the systemic change we need.”  


-Vedran Drakulić OAM, Gandel Foundation CEO


"As the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System clearly showed, Australia's mental health sector deserves reform and greater investment. Australians for Mental Health represents a grassroots movement calling for better outcomes for those affected by mental illness and their families. The Myer Foundation is glad to be supporting this important work."

- Leonard Vary, CEO of The Myer Foundation

Founded by the Sisters of Charity, St Vincent’s Health Australia has been providing compassionate, high quality health and aged care to the Australian community since 1857. SVHA views mental health as one of the critical health issues in our community and believes more action is needed to address it.

Logo - Victoria State Government.png

The Victorian State Government is proud to partner with Australians for Mental Health.

nib supports AFMH’s vision for all Australians to have access to quality care for their mental health and recognises more needs to be done to support positive mental health. We see private health insurance as having an important role to play in connecting our members with the right mental health care in the right setting. We’re excited to partner with AFMH to drive change and enable Australians to reach their full potential.

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Logo - Kooyong part of Avant.png

Kooyong, which is part of the Avant Group, provides practice, property and personal finance to Australia’s doctors.  We believe in generously supporting the communities that support us every day and as healthcare professionals are over-represented amongst those suffering mental ill health, we are dedicated to helping Australians for Mental Health address this important issue.

"The Sundberg Foundation believes in the power of influencing systemic change, particularly on the topic of mental health, which many other societal issues stem from - we believe AFMH have a great mission to achieve system wide change for everyday Australians' mental health."


- Lucy Sundberg

Logo - Harold Mitchell Foundation.jpg

The Harold Mitchell Foundation has a long-standing commitment to fund initiatives that support the improvement of the healthcare system in Australia, which led them to invest in Australians for Mental Health.

Join us and help us change the system.

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