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Royal Commission campaign

Ensuring the Royal Commission recommendations have grassroots support across Victoria.

Shaping our future mental health system.

The Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System (RCVMHS) delivered its final report on 3 February 2021. The landmark, two-year inquiry heard invaluable stories, insight and ideas from the community to shape our future mental health system.


​The Royal Commission made 65 key recommendations, providing a blueprint to reform and rebuild mental health services in Victoria and Australia.


Australians for Mental Health wholly supports the recommendations of the Commission. In fact, we’re campaigning to see the recommendations of the RCVMHS funded and adopted by each State and Territory in Australia. We encourage families, friends and carers, people with lived experience, and anyone with an interest in mental health to engage with the Royal Commission’s findings.

The Final Report summary and recommendations:

"Due to system constraints, services are often inaccessible at the times when they would make the most difference, and the system largely operates in crisis mode — that is, it tends to react to mental health crises rather than preventing them. The system is complex and fragmented and, for those who do manage to get into it, difficult to navigate..."

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Download the Fact Sheets

Join us and help ensure the recommendations from the Royal Commission are endorsed and implemented across Victoria.

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