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Dr Laura Vidal, Policy and Advocacy Lead

Dr Laura Vidal is a social worker with over a decade of experience in direct practice, research, and social policy. Laura has specific subject matter expertise in gendered violence, human trafficking, and modern slavery.

Her doctoral research focused on young women’s experiences of being forced into marriage. Laura supports Australians for Mental Health by providing policy analysis and advice and working with a wide range of stakeholders in shaping a collaborative alliance.

Influenced by her direct practice experience, Laura is passionate about the impact of systems on everyday safety and wellbeing and her work focuses on strategising and developing ways to shift and strengthen systems to drive more productive outcomes. Laura privileges lived experience and works with her deep knowledge and understanding about the way services and systems operate at a grass-roots level to analyse policy, engage in qualitative research, develop, and deliver targeted training solutions and strategise for change.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons.1), a Masters of Human Rights Law and Policy and a PhD in Criminology. Laura is a Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Canberra.


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