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It is time for action. Join us?

We are a community of Australians from all walks of life who what to make mental health and wellbeing a national priority for governments, business - everyone!

Whether you've had your own experiences of mental health challenges, have loved for someone who has, or both -- by joining you are deciding to belong to a community of people from across Australia who are not satisfied with the way things are for mental health right now, and want to make a difference.

We are fighting for the changes that will make a meaningful difference to the mental health and wellbeing of us all.

Whether it is a policy reform at the federal government level, or something that will make a big difference to your local community, we believe change happens through people power: working together and speaking up together for the improvements that matter in our lives.

You can choose how much or how little you want to be involved. Some people are happy just to be on the mailing list, whilst others might want to get involved in a campaign (or start one!), or even help us raise the funds we need to have a real impact.

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for deciding to make a difference to Australia's mental health!

Who's joining
James Killian
Carwyn Morgan
Clare Rich
Freya Elizabeth
Jen Lappage
Simon McIntyre
Grant Evans
Jane Tracy
Geoffrey Minards
Bethne Hart
Ian Jenkins
Maxine Cesare
Vicky Batten
Jan Barham
Bulent Ada
Kylie Brander
Lisa Ritchie
Miriam Wakeham
Anne Rauch
Dion Holt
Clare Littler
Clare Littler
Clare Littler
John Robertson
Helen Gardiner
Estelle Ali
Dianne Lee
Rose Jansse
Rose Jansse
Diane Howell