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The heartbreaking and real stories of Australians trying to get the mental healthcare they need desperately need to be heard: that's the only way change will be possible.  In coming forward, Vanessa Kenny is taking a stand for her family, and we stand with her.

If you have experience trying to access the mental health system, either for yourself or someone you love, and would be willing to work with Australians for Mental Health to engage politicians with our stories, we'd love ton hear from you.

We're holding a Zoom call next Monday evening, 7 May at 5:30pm Sydney time.  If you'd like to join in please RSVP using this form.  You will be sent details of how to join the call closer to the time of the meeting.

If you'd like to be involved but can't make that time, please let us know by completing this form.

Who's volunteering
Lyndal Breen
Lyndal Breen
Karen Glanfield
Heather Cambridge
Dan Castle
Maria Costi
Michelle Ryder
Margarite Vale
Rhonda Muller
Jane Lewington
Jack Schwartz
Tma Evans
Lourdes Tremblay
Jenny Winter

Will you volunteer?

It is time for action. Join us?