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Championing mental health: A look inside the board of Australian for Mental Health

Australians can no longer afford to wait for quality mental health care. Australians for Mental Health has built a team intended to disrupt the current systems and to create change for the better.  

Our board of directors collectively brings a wide range of perspectives, expertise, and experience to the organisation. Their diverse backgrounds and unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy make them a formidable force in the fight for better mental health support and awareness in Australia.  

Our founder, Patrick McGorry AO, is an Irish-born Australian psychiatrist, who was deeply troubled by the neglect of the human rights of the mentally ill during his medical student years in the 1970s. After working as a doctor, he transitioned to psychiatry with a mission to create more humane care systems rooted in hope, respect, and scientific evidence. His personal experiences, including his brother's struggles with severe mental illness and addiction, further fueled his dedication to justice and equity in mental health care. Named the 2010 Australian of the Year, he seized the opportunity to advocate for the mentally ill and their families. McGorry emphasizes that the missing piece in this advocacy is the collective voice of the millions of Australians directly affected by mental illness and their loved ones. 

Australians for Mental Health’s board contains industry and community leaders with high-level experience in:  

  • Campaign strategy  
  • Politics, government, and policy development 
  • Psychiatry and psychology 
  • Social equity, sustainability, and well-being 
  • Education  
  • Communications  
  • Business development 
  • Technology 
  • Fundraising 
  • Executive leadership 

With these exceptional individuals at the helm, Australians for Mental Health is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by mental health issues and society as a whole. 

Thank you  

Australians for Mental Health would like to express its deep appreciation for the outstanding contributions of two dedicated board members, Greg Mason and Deb Tsorbaris. Their contributions have shaped and strengthened our organisation and we thank them.   

Greg Mason  

Greg Mason, our departing Treasurer, brought a blend of financial expertise and lived experience to Australians for Mental Health. A retired chartered accountant, he not only excelled in his profession but also brought firsthand experience of the challenges of living with depression. These experiences drove him to champion the cause of improving mental health care for all Australians. 

Greg dedicates his time to supporting various voluntary organisations. His firsthand experience with mental illness, as well as his dedication to raising the quality of care, make him a true advocate for change.  

Deb Tsorbaris 

Deb Tsorbaris, the CEO of the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, has been a pivotal figure in advocating for child and family services. Her experience and expertise in health and community services has greatly benefited Australians for Mental Health and helped to shape the way we understand the systems which underpin wellness in the country. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Greg Mason and Deb Tsorbaris for their invaluable contributions. Though they may be leaving our board, their legacy as compassionate advocates and agents of change will continue to inspire us in our mission to improve mental health care in Australia. 

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