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Australians for Mental health announces four new ambassadors to join the fight combatting mental health crisis

Australians for Mental Health today welcomes four new ambassadors to our organisationpart of a growing movement to transform the mental health status quo in the nation, and to combat the growing mental health crisis.

AfMH Executive Director, Chris Gambian, today announced; former member of the Australian House of Representatives Dr Fiona Martin, OAM recipient James Ostroburski, ReachTEL founder and UComms co-owner James Stewart, and Jonathon Welch AM as ambassadors for AfMH. 

“The mental health of the Australian people is in crisis and it needs a crisis response,” Gambian, said. “We are fighting for a complete overhaul of the system to reshape our country as a place where mental health and wellbeing thrives.” 

“It is a privilege for me to announce these three new ambassadors today, and I’m honoured that they have made the decision to bring their skills, experience, and energy to bear on this essential issue, and their belief that the work of Australians for Mental Health can make a difference.” 

“It’s an honour to be part of an organisation that is putting mental health on the national agenda. Every Australian mind matters, mental health services are essential services,” Dr Fiona Martin said.  

Media contact: Simon Black at [email protected], or on 0420 488 219. 

About Australians for Mental Health: 

Australians for Mental Health was founded in 2014 to campaign for fundamental change in the way the country thinks and acts about mental health. Our mission is to ensure that Australia starts putting mental health at the heart of our national life. 

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