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Australians for Mental Health Alliance

We are in the early stages of building a broad based Alliance of civil society organisations that come together to drive a shared agenda for change in the way Australia manages its mental health. With a keen focus on challenging the systems and structures that can drive poor mental health and do harm, and well as aiming to create the environment necessary for good mental health to thrive.

We know that change can only happen when we work together -- listening to diverse perspectives, finding common concerns and taking smart, strategic action.

For years people have talked about taking a more holistic approach to mental health - and we agree.  We also think government needs to take a holistic approach that recognises the role every department and agency can play in driving mental health outcomes.

That why we are building this broad Alliance.  We think that by bringing mental health groups, social services groups, trade unions, faith groups, sports groups, environmental groups, cultural groups and arts groups together, we can make a powerful force for change that works for a country that puts mental health and wellbeing at the heart of our national life.

If your group is interested in learning more about the Alliance, please reach out to us using this form.