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Our mission

We want to ensure that Australia starts putting mental health at the heart of our national life.

Australians for Mental Health has disruption at the centre of its mission. Independent of government and unencumbered by the demands of service delivery or sector representation, we are exclusively focused on campaigning in support of the aspirations of those who know fundamental change in mental health is a crucial priority for Australia.

Our mission is to:

  • Create connection through a deeply connected, highly skilled, national grassroots community reflecting the diversity of the nation, fostering resilience and generating political capital, grounded locally in the suburbs and towns of Australia.
  • Amplify stories from a broad range of perspectives to make mental health an urgent national priority by influencing decision-makers, engaging politicians in their home communities, and helping high profile Australians use their platforms in an intentional way.
  • Disrupt systems and fundamentally transform the way Australia thinks and acts on mental health. Not just mental health providers, but organisations from across civil society, business and faith that share an interest in disrupting the mental health status quo. With a clear and shared picture of transformational change and the interventions that might achieve it, we can collectively speak to a common agenda in all our work, and identify opportunities to work together to achieve elements of that agenda.


It is time for action. Join us?