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Can we count you in to help disrupt the status quo on mental health?

At Australians for Mental Health we believe in the power of people working together to create change. Use the form to sign up to become a leader in our grassroots network - a deeply connected, highly skilled, national community we are working to create.

We don't believe in empty email signups without connection. Our mission is to bring people together to connect and relate, and to see if there is local energy to collaborate for change through 1 - 1 conversations.

Please include your phone number and someone from Australians for Mental Health will call you to discuss next steps and how we can support you becoming a positive force for change in your community.

If you’d like to help in other ways, why not book in a chat so we can match up your skills, experience and available time with the areas we need some extra hands? 

Will you volunteer?

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