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Expressions of Interest - Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP)

At Australians for Mental Health we are aiming to amplify the stories of people from every walk of life who need something better from the way we manage mental health in our country.

That’s why we are establishing LEAP — the Lived Experience Advisory Panel. 

The aim of LEAP is to ensure our our work is informed by real stories from real people.

We also hope to support our LEAP members to become spokespeople in their own communities, to advance the campaign for mental health reform, and to empower others to do the same.

If you’d be interested in learning more about LEAP please complete this form and a member of our team will make a time with you for a chat.

Who's joining
Lambrina Gimian
Geraldine Robertson
Eddie Fraser
Aurelio Costarella
Michael Podger
Chris Gard
Peter Nisbet
Steve Fischer
Jeanette Wight
Rosalyn Hallk
Gavin Neary
Heidi Booth
Sam Yorston
Sharon Hancock
Stella Ladikos
Judy Coleman
Amy Barthet
Steven Neeland
Sarah Hibbert
Norm Wotherspoon
Kristi Pritchard-Owens
Phillip Carter
Anifa Bates
Phil Jeffery
Matthew Whitten
Kieran Allen
Ian Grey
Lesley Laham
Bonnita Gill