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New poll reveals a surge in the number of Australians reporting poor mental health and loneliness

The release of the Australians for Mental Health’s second National Mental Health Monitor has shown an increase in the number of Australians struggling with poor mental health and loneliness, with only a quarter of respondents saying they believe their local member of parliament cares about the issue.

The uComms survey of 1,781 residents across the nation, found 40 percent of respondents rated their mental health as either “poor” or “very poor”, an increase from responses to the same question in November last year at 33.7 percent. 

The poll also found a decrease in the amount of people who feel they have enough connection in their lives and an increase in the number of people who said they feel lonely at 34.7 percent, compared to 31 percent in November last year.

You can the results from all of our Mental Health Monitors on this page

“The latest Mental Health Monitor is a wakeup call for Australia’s leaders – it is alarmingly clear that our mental health is in crisis,” Australians for Mental Health’s Executive Director, Chris Gambian, said. 

“This poll shows an increase in people reporting poor or very poor mental health, an increase in loneliness, and a decrease in people taking proactive steps to look after their mental health.” 

“What’s also troubling is that only 27 percent of people feel their local member of parliament cares about mental health. Governments around the country must demonstrate that they do care – and move to ensure their responses match the scale of the mental health crisis we are in.”   

The figures echo those released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last year showing a steep increase in people reporting mental disorders, and a steep decrease in the collective mental health of Australians. 

 "The latest results from the AFMH national survey reveal a troubling downturn in Australians' mental health. However, it's the advanced AI-powered methods of uComms that have brought these crucial insights to light,” uComms spokesman James Stewart said. 

“The technology's sophistication not only encourages participants to share more openly but also adeptly transforms intricate responses into clear, actionable data." 

About Australians for Mental Health: 

Australians for Mental Health was founded in 2014 to campaign for fundamental change in the way the country thinks and acts about mental health. Our mission is to ensure that Australia starts putting mental health at the heart of our national life. Media contact: Simon Black at [email protected], or on 0420 488 219. 

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